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Who We Are

Several years ago in the Oroko regions, messages were transmitted from one village to another by the beating of wooden drums, – the “Elimbi“. The neighboring villages interpreted the rhythms from these drums to obtain the messages and responded accordingly. Later on, a messenger was dispatched carrying a “Desungu“, – ( a special stick tied like a bundle with special leaves ) to the next village.  From the look at the special bundle, the village elders interpreted and understood the messages and responded accordingly. Specifically, when a chief had a message for his villagers, this messenger would run around the village ringing a bell and relating the message to the villagers. This person was called the “Town Crier“. This web site is the Town Crier for every reader, and particularly for all OROKOS. It will provide the public with special events in both the association and the Oroko Culture. We will be a vehicle to announce cultural and community events across the USA and worldwide as the need arises. We would like to promote businesses owned by OROKO indigenes at home and in the diaspora. After browsing our web site, please take a moment to use the feedback form to let us know how you feel about the Oroko Culture.

Meet OCA – USA Board of Directors

Dr. Frederick Bebe
Dr. Frederick BebeBoard Chairman
Florence Misodi
Florence MisodiVice Chairwoman
Chief Namongo Nambili
Chief Namongo NambiliBoard Secretary
Adolphus Ati
Adolphus AtiBoard Member
Louis Etongwe
Louis EtongweBoard Member
Chief Esemoto
Chief EsemotoBoard Member
Janarius Nanje
Janarius NanjeBoard Member

Who Are The Orokos

“If there is one thing to acknowledge of the Orokos besides their rich cultural background and natural intelligence, it is their sense of hospitality. This spirit of hospitality has now made them to look like the Achebe’s proverbial lunatics who may be outnumbered even though they own the place. The heterogeneous nature of the ethnic group has also systematically regrouped the various clans into natural characteristics like” ( by Edmund Nofuru)

  • The Intelligence of the Balues

  • The Wisdom of the Ngolos

  • The Oratory of the Batangas

  • The Beautiful Queens of Bima
  • The Handsomeness of the Mbonges
  • The Tolerance of the Bakundus
  • The Marvellous Singers of Balondo Banangas
  • The Hospitality of the Balondo Badikos
  • The Courage of the Ekombes
  • The Black Magic of the Bakokos

Where Are The Orokos

The Orokos are found in the SouthWest Region of Cameroon, covering a large portion of the Meme and Ndian divisions. They are made up of 10 clans, each speaking their own dialect as shown in brackets.

  • Balondo Ba Diko (Londo)
  • Balondo Ba Nanga (Londo)
  • Balue (Lolue)
  • Batanga (Lotanga)
  • Bima (Bima)
  • Ekombe (Ekombe)
  • Mbonge (Mbonge)
  • Bakoko (Lokoko)
  • Ngolo (Longolo)
  • Bakundu (Lokundu)
Clans in OrokoLand
Villages in OrokoLand
Oroko Chapters in the USA
Orokos in the USA

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What Our Elders Say

“It took me a visit to the United States of America to once again eat plantains the way our fore-fathers used to prepare it. – That is, with the skin. But my host, unaware of this delicacy just kept apologizing to me.”

HRH Chief Isoh Itoh

“If there is one thing to acknowledge of the Oroko people, besides their rich Cultural background and Natural Intelligence,
it is their sense of hospitality.”

Tata Nofuru Edmund

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