Oroko Tokowa: Empower, Promote, Protect and Preserve Oroko culture, language and natural heritage.

A handshake in forefront of two drums

Oroko Cultural Association provides assistance to Oroko people motivating them to reach their full potential by wrestling with the causes of poverty.
It establishes relief and development to the villages by opening windows of opportunities to Oroko people living in the villages.

Empower, promote, protect and preserve Oroko culture, language and natural heritage.
We aim to create a sustainable and prosperous future by providing available economic resources, ensuring education, health and the necessary infrastructure for our region

To have school children in the villages with three meals daily, medical supplies, uniforms, books, and paid tuitions
To have classrooms in the villages with nice desks, blackboards and good classroom buildings
To have libraries and science labs in the schools in the villages
To have computers in the libraries and science lab equipments in the science labs
To educate the world about the Oroko culture and its people by providing information on Oroko people and its culture
To become a link or glue that will bring the Oroko people together by connecting them here in the US, in Europe or Cameroon
To assist Oroko people to maintain their African identity and share ideas
To provide assistance in various issues in Oroko lives and nourish Oroko identity among its people

The Association consists of active members who are qualified for membership through birth, adoption or marriage.
There are two types of memberships: Chapter and National.
National membership is by paying an annual fee of $100. Please see National Constitution for details.

Our objectives are to:

Unite all who consider themselves as Oroko persons, having at least one parent or spouse of Oroko origin,
Maintain a unique cultural identity amongst our various clans in order to establish a platform of trust and confidence necessary for the achievement of our goals with a strong common interest, aggressively promote education and economic development for the Oroko people in the US and in Cameroon enhance our cultural image through public relations and the dissemination of information.
To promote national and global consciousness and solidarity.

It encourages sponsorship of Oroko children living in the villages, raising funds for the promotion, growth, development of the Oroko villages, its people, and the culture.
Its mission is to provide Oroko villages with generators, health centers, water, school supplies and good roads.
It provides assistance in Oroko lives and nourishes Oroko identity among its people.
It provides relief to Oroko people living in Oroko villages, by raising funds for the promotion, growth, development of the Oroko villages, its people, and the culture.
It creates and extends opportunities to Oroko children by exposing them to the outside world through newsletter and the website.
It reduces poverty, establishes economic stable and healthy home environments in the villages by providing opportunities for growth and development.

The Oroko Cultural Association assists Oroko people living in America and Diaspora to maintain their African identity and share ideas.
It educates society in general, specifically Oroko children, active, inactive, and non-Oroko members about the Oroko culture.
It provides information necessary such as immigration, financial, family relationship, etc to survive the life in Diaspora.